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Boat DIY Speed Control System

For those of you in need of a straight forward speed control system on a reasonable budget - I'm pushing along with this project.  Hardware is built with factory-quality parts, and has multiple color options, combined per request.  Software is based on a PID algorithm, and is open for contributions.

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Some improvement ideas

I always keep list of good ideas to include, so if you have time and skills to do some programming - I'm looking for help. Simpler but...

Custom Splash Screen

I have few requests to add boat logo to the device boot up screen, like Mastercraft. Unfortunately due to trademark laws - I can't do it...

Stainless news

As you know - I have two main options for bezel - black anodized and chrome coated. Also plain aluminum, but that is for rare corner...

Welcome - the 2023!

Business as usual - building and shipping within ~1 week. No price hikes - allthough some components got more expensive - hope I can keep...

Color options reminder - pics inside

Only 3 options of glass shown. Black bezel is anodized - seems to be bulletproof. Chrome-coated bezel in few installations - did start...

Email list sign up

I will post bigger news and announcements via MailChimp's mail list. No spam, and MailChimp has been good at keeping things safe. I...

Temp web site here

A lot has changed in web site business since I last looked. So instead of taking more pain with Bluehost - I will move my site...

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WFH Setup


I have started this project so I don't have to pay $1k+ for existing PP system.  Later I found it interesting project, and took to the next level.  Software is open and I have accumulated very meaningful contributions from Sam and Nick so far.  Main challenge on the table - PID tuning for a specific boat.

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