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  • Dmitry Kukushkin

Color options reminder - pics inside

Only 3 options of glass shown. Black bezel is anodized - seems to be bulletproof. Chrome-coated bezel in few installations - did start to show small "bubbles"under coating after outside storage in wet winter. Searching for better supplier, but this is what I have so far. Also option of plain aluminum bezel, no coat - so will naturally oxidize.

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Some improvement ideas

I always keep list of good ideas to include, so if you have time and skills to do some programming - I'm looking for help. Simpler but nice to have - add Buzzer functionality - I have footprint/signal

Custom Splash Screen

I have few requests to add boat logo to the device boot up screen, like Mastercraft. Unfortunately due to trademark laws - I can't do it for you, but you as owner - are free to do that. Digole - is

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