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  • Dmitry Kukushkin

Stainless news

As you know - I have two main options for bezel - black anodized and chrome coated. Also plain aluminum, but that is for rare corner cases like if you prefer to paint it yourself.

Chrome coating apparently is not holding too well - this was not intended. I have looked thru my stack of bezels - and about half have shows small spots where coating started to bubble. Not good.

Obviously taking the L to scrap compromised parts, but the bigger question is what's next.

I have ordered a test batch of polished solid stainless steel bezels - these look and feel awesome, but not cheap. Looking for alternative options, so if you have a machine shop who can make bezels for $5 delivered to Oregon or less - let me know

Until then best is have is $10 per piece.

If you need a replacement for existing unit - let me know.

(full stainless bezel - at the bottom)

Otherwise - shipping as usual


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