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  • Dmitry Kukushkin

Servo longevity: Moisture is key

Several servos have failed over past year, most of them I was able to receive back and send to manufacturer. And almost all - were due to moisture damage, and unfortunately is out of warranty.

Current design is still my best option - compact, easy to program. So best current step to prolong longevity of servos - avoid moisture;

STEPS I am taking: Starding December 2023 I seal servo at wire opening, and add two selica gel packets inside the tube.


1 - Please inspect your servo's location - needs to be free of spray. Se

2 - Seal wire inlet with silicon and put few selica gel packets inside at the back end of PVC tube

3 - Replace selica gel at the beginning of every season

4 - bonus points - for adding medium-thin oil inside bowden cable and sealing caps and bolt with silicon.

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